Hot Wax or Warm Wax?

Hot Wax or Warm Wax?

What’s it to be?

Hot wax and warm wax both have their unique benefits and are more suitable for different hair types and areas. It is important to be well practiced in both techniques and offer both in the salon.

So which wax is best?

Here is our Hot Wax vs Warm Wax list

Hot Wax
• Has a working temperature of about 68°c.
• The higher working temperature can help to sooth the area being waxed and be slightly less painful.
• Care must be taken to test the temperature before applying to the skin as there is a higher risk of burns.
• Hot wax is really good for strong/ stubborn/ course hairs that occur in the intimate areas.
• Can feel quite hot in sensitive areas.
• This wax is applied in a thick patch, allowed to set slightly then removed by hand.
• If any hairs are missed the area cannot be waxed over again because of the double heat risk.
• When setting, the wax only sets around the hair and does not stick to the skin, therefore can be less painful.
• Will not leave the skin sticky
• The wax is more expensive however, you do not need to invest in wax removal strips and the spatulas can be re-used.
• The treatment time is longer – less clients in one day.
• Requires a more practiced technique!

Warm Wax
• Has a working temperature of about 43°c.
• Great for heat sensitive skin and summer waxing due to the lower working temperature.
• You do still need to test the wax, but there is less risk of overheating (so long as your heat is functioning properly).
• Great for all hair types and areas.
• Doesn’t feel quite so hot.
• Wax is applied very thinly and removed with a wax removal strip.
• Any hairs that are missed can be waxed over again.
• The wax will stick to the skin as well as the hairs, therefore it will sensitize the skin a lot more.
• The skin will feel sticky after the treatment.
• The wax is cheaper, but you will need to purchase wax removal strips and spatulas that will be disposed of after each use.
• Treatment time is shorter – more clients in one day.
• Easier waxing technique to learn.

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