Baby Massage

All parents can learn baby massage, it is a wonderful and useful technique to use for bonding with your new baby and child as well as promoting well being and reassurance for the baby to settle. It is always best to enjoy baby massage when baby is awake and you are settled, it is advisable not to massage your baby just after a meal or when baby needs to sleep and is settling by themselves.
When you learn baby massage you and your baby attend the classes, and you will massage your own baby under the instruction and guidance of an instructor, you will also be able to adapt this massage with your growing baby/child. Babies do not always do what you want them to do at the time of the classes and your instructor will have seen very settled babies and babies that cry and babies that fill their nappy just at the wrong time. If you are in a group class, all the babies will behave differently, just go with the flow with your baby and don’t worry about disturbing the others.

The benefits of baby massage are incredible and include:
• Help improve the communication between parent and baby and aid parents to understand baby’s needs and behaviour.
• Help to calm and sooth baby and relieve stress and aid sleep, this also helps to calm you as the massage giver.
• Helps baby to develop awareness of their own body and environment
• Aids digestion helping to relieve colic, wind and constipation problems
• Helps to develop muscle tone, coordination and suppleness
• Strengthen the immune system
• Regulates breathing and helps with nasal congestion
• Improve skin texture

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