Bespoke Brows

The eyes are the window to the soul, your brows frame your face and your lashes can open your eyes and make them shine.

Getting your lashes and brow right is very important, as these features can totally change your appearance.
Lashes and brow treatments have become really big and even bigger business, it is not just the standard lash and brow tinting but now bespoke brows are now very much in vogue.

Although it is fashionable to have larger, darker brows, on some clients it can be a little too much and a bit harsh for their face shape and skin tone. It is always best to encourage your client to choose the brows that suit her and not what is made trendy by the latest celebrity. The on-trend look will always be a major influencer, you just need to give guidance. And don’t forget the brows are sisters and not twins, symmetrical brows is a myth.

So what brow treatments are on offer?

HD Brows

Will last between 4-6weeks and is a combination of brow styling and tinting to create a personalised bespoke brow treatment and shape. The tint colour is customised to best suit your client’s skin tone and needs and the perfect brow shape is a result of their exclusive brow mapping formula. The client is given a make-up lesson for brow maintenance between treatments.

Brow Mapping

The brows need to start and finish in the correct place and arch at the point that best suits the clients face shape. Increasing the space between the brows can make the nose look larger and the eyes further apart. If the brows are too short then the face can look wider. So getting the correct length and shape is very important.


This is a semi permanent tattoo for the brows to help the brows appear thicker, longer and bushier. Microblading is particularly good for clients who have extremely fair brows and with sparse brow hair. The treatment lasts between 12 and 16 months before needing a touch-up and will eliminate the need to pencil the brows in every day and run the risk of brow smudging.

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