Enhancing Your Brows

brows_lashesIt is said that your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. Eyebrows frame the face, so poorly shaped brows are going to stand out; untidy brows can make the person appear untidy.
You use them for your expressions and reading other peoples, you can tell happiness, fear, anger, confusion just by the positioning and angle of the brow. A raise of my mother’s eyebrow at me made me stop in my tracks – not a word was needed to be said.

The fuller thicker brows are the trend, far removed from the 60’s pluck’em all out and pencil’em back in. If you are one of the lucky ones with thick eyebrows that’s great, if you are the thin, sparse, light coloured brow person there are many treatments and tricks you can take advantage of.

It is worth taking your time to perfect your brow shape and where possible get them done professionally.

Tinting your brows can give an instant appearance of fuller, darker brows. This will need to be repeated every 4-6 weeks – it is always worth seeking a professional.

Shaping the brows is a bit of an art. Everyone is different and the shape of the brows needs to reflect the natural brow line and the face shape of each individual. Brows can be shaped by plucking, waxing/sugaring, and threading. All remove the hairs to enhance and create shape to the brows and improve the look of the brows. If too much is taken the brows will recover but it will take longer then you expect!

If your brows are very sparse or if you have over plucked your brows, while waiting for them to grow back you can opt for Brow pomades and crèmes and carefully thicken your brows each day by filling in the colour and shape by drawing in light strokes.
These are waterproof and smudge resistant and should last all day.

Brow waxes and gels can help keep the ‘Brushed Up’ look. These can come in mascara type bottles, some are clear and some have a slight tint to them to enhance your colour. These products won’t set hard or flake like mascara can, so don’t think ‘I’ll just use my mascara’ – it won’t have the same effect! And, whatever you do, don’t attack your brows with the scissors!

Microblading has become increasingly well known over the past months, gathering speed with its popularity. So what is Microblading? It is semi permanent makeup that actually creates hair like strokes to infill sparse, thin and even patchy brows and thickens as necessary. Because it is semi permanent it will fade and need to be redone.

Always find a good therapist to help with your brow shape and colour, their advice will go a long way to enhancing and improving your look.

Happy brows and pretty brows!


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