Card Sticky Feet

card_sticky_feetWhy do I need to give my client a pair of sticky feet for her spray tan treatment?

As you spray tan your client, a little bit of the spray will settle on the floor around where she is standing. The skin on the feet is thicker and dryer then other part of the body, the chemical that creates the tan reacts with the dead skin cells and the tan develops, on the hands and feet there can be quite a build-up of dead dry skin cells.  These dead skin cells soak up the tan solution like a sponge, the tanning process gets a little carried away resulting in orange feet.  Because your client is moving and standing on a fresh layer of spray tan several times during the course of the tanning treatment the feet get quite a build-up of tanning solution and will go very orange – this is not a very good look for sandals, the beach or evenings out.

By giving your client a pair of sticky feet at the beginning of the treatment you will avoid this embarrassment for your client.

There is also the safety consideration to take into account, during a spray tan treatment the floor can get a little slippery, wearing sticky feet during the treatment can reduce the risk of slipping.

We have just introduced Card Sticky Feet to our range. These come in packs of 25. They are light weight, disposable, hygienic and economical to use. As with all sticky feet they have peel off adhesive pads and stick directly to the soles of the feet. This will ensure they stay in place throughout the length on the tanning treatment.

Because they are made of card this also makes them widely re-cyclable.



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