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Which buffer to use?

We stock several buffers and it is down to personal preference which one you prefer to use. We have 2 different buffing files and a chamois buffer. The buffing files are excellent to use in the salon and make a brilliant retail item. 3-way Buffing File – this is about the size of a cushion […]

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Which file?

We stock a wide range of nail files of various grits and types. But what one to choose? Let’s start with the grit: Most files are dual sided (that means there is grit on both sides) and the grit value will be numbered, for example 100/180. The numbers indicate the amount of grit particles on […]

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Mask brushes

We all use a mask brush to apply masks during facials, however do you use them on the feet and hands? Mask brushes are perfect for applying masks both the hands and feet. They fit the contours of the hands and feet and into the crevices ensuring a perfect and even coverage. By using a […]

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Chapped hands

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, the air lacks moisture. The moisture in the skin evaporates. This is compounded by the use of air conditioning and heating systems in all buildings and cars. We go from one extreme environment straight into another. Our hands have to cope with a lot and are […]

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Mask removal sponges

Our round yellow sponges are essential for facial treatments for the removal of, not only, masks but other facial preparations like cleansers and scrubs. They are soft, gentle, absorbent and super effective at removing even the most stubborn clay based masks, the richest of cleansers and the thickest of make-ups. These sponges are also perfect […]

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Why use a fan brush?

Why use a fan brush to apply your face masks? Using a fan brush to apply face masks will not only ensure an even application but you will also use less product. This will make your treatments more cost effective and feel more professional for your client to receive rather than applying the mask with […]

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Paper Stemmed Cotton Buds

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. It is estimated that 1.8billion cotton buds are used each year, all of these are either flushed or thrown out. They end up in the oceans or land fill because the plastic they are made from is simply not recycled. Did you know that it […]

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Do you double dip?

What’s the fuss about double dipping? If you have cleansed your client’s skin thoroughly prior to starting the wax treatment and examined your client’s skin for any contraindicated skin conditions, what’s the issue of using the same spatula for the length of her treatment? The wax is being removed from her skin anyway, it’s not […]

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Spray Tanning Supplies

We offer a comprehensive range of tanning disposables that are essential for every spray tan treatment. All these products are available in their pack size and in bulk deals. This includes: Sticky feet: available in both pink and black. These stick onto your clients feet before the treatment commences and worn for the duration. These […]

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