Christmas treats!!!

Christmas seems to be the time for over indulgence. There are so many foods on offer that only get served on or are only available at Christmas. These are usually all the foods we all love and don’t want to miss out on, so once a year we tend to really go all out over eating.

But do you really know just how much you are eating? Personally I haven’t got a clue how many calories are on my plate at dinner time and to be honest I’d rather not calorie count Christmas dinner, I like to think of Christmas as a ‘free eating day’. I do, however, end the day wishing I had not eaten quite so much as I roll off the settee to unload and reload the dishwasher for the 3rd time that day.

So how can we all survive Christmas dinner?

• Go for a pre-dinner or after-dinner walk – a little light exercise can work wonders to aid digestion.
• Don’t deny yourself the Christmas treats – but at the same time try to pace yourself. That tin of sweets is not going to go off, so why not just put a small bowl out instead of the entire tin at once.
• Eat some fruit along with those chocolates and that extra slice of cake.
• Along with wine on the table have water as well.
• Try not to pile your plate high and stuff yourself silly – moderate your portion and if you are still hungry go back for second helpings.
• There is a delay of about 20–30mins between eating and your brain catching up and registering that you are full, take time with your meal and enjoy the dinner conversation.
• Digestion starts in your mouth – not chewing your food can lead to digestive issues such as: indigestion, heartburn, constipation, poor nutrition absorption and wind. After all your teeth are in your mouth not your stomach!

For most of us Christmas dinner is our once a year treat, so enjoy your day and your dinner without over doing it.

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