Colour Your World!

The colour scheme you choose in your salon is more important than you think.

Colour can:

  • change a person’s mood
  • give the right or wrong impression
  • create a sense of well being
  • make you feel cold or hot

Here are some of the most popular colours and the effects they can give:

Orange: gives the impression of endurance and strength, it can stimulate and encourage enthusiasm.

Purple: is the colour of royalty and therefore is associated with luxury and elegance.

White: demonstrates cleanliness and perfection

Green: creates a feeling of safety, harmony and freshness, green is also restful on the eye.

Blue: has a reputation of being a cool colour, no other colour is more associated with cold temperature as blue is. However is it also closely associated with truth and wisdom but also a ‘blue’ mood, baby blues and blue Monday.

Brown: Is a very masculine colour and gives the impression of stability and can be very relaxing.

Black: can be very elegant and also suggests mystery and seriousness.

Grey: is a passive colour and can demonstrate a lack of energy and the effect of being washed out.

Yellow: is for Joy and happiness, being the colour of sunshine.  However it can be considered unstable.

Red: can be a very aggressive colour as it is very bold and hostile, after all red is for danger.  It is an attention grabbing and passionate colour.

Pink: is perceived as a feminine colour and gives the impression of being fun and frilly.

Gold:  is associated with riches and elegance and is also prestigious

So when choosing your colour scheme choose wisely to give the impression you wish to convey

Happy decorating!

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