Do you cleanse your face at night?

cleanse face

Why is it so important to wash and cleanse your face at night?

We are all guilty of being tired and just brushing teeth and falling into bed at the end of a long day and thinking ‘I’ll wash my face in the morning when I shower’.

Before you fall into bed – STOP! Just take a few extra minutes to cleanse your face first.

Here are a few good reasons ….

During the day your skin picks up all the grime from the environment you are in, as well as storing all the oils and sweat you have secreted and any makeup you have put on and topped up throughout the day. The longer these elements stay on the skin the more the pores get blocked. Sleeping un-cleansed encourages your skin to go ‘bump’ in the night and it’s not long before you have a nice blackhead collection along with a few spots. The pollutions picked up can also cause areas of sensitivity and sometime rashes.

When you are resting and asleep at night, your body takes this opportunity to regenerate and repair itself, this is why you always feel better after a good night sleep. If you skin is still clogged up with the day’s collections then the skin will find it very difficult to perform this task. So, if you have cleansed and moisturised before bedtime your skin can not only regenerate and repair but also absorb your moisturiser more efficiently too! Why spend all that money on a good moisturiser when your skin isn’t given the chance to absorb it.

Cleansing off the day’s grime, oil, sweat and make-up will help keep your pillow cases cleaner and fresher, you don’t really want to put your face on a dirty pillow do you?

At the end of a long day your favourite moisturiser has been absorbed and the remainder evaporated, by cleansing and applying fresh moisturiser at night you are giving your skin a boost which will help prevent dry patches and areas of sensitivity occurring, even on oily skin types.

So, after a hard night of regenerating, repairing and absorbing it is still important to rewash and cleanse your skin in the morning, there will be extra skin cells to slough away and brighten your skin for the day.

Your skin will be looking fresher, smoother and brighter in no time at all!

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