Do you need to detox?

Do you need to detox your way into the New Year?

The quick answer is, no!

Your body won’t store harmful toxins and your body is fairly smart. It will eliminate your ingested toxins as quickly as it can. This will be through the normal excretory methods (going to the loo) or through your skin, this is why after a period of over indulgence your skin may not be looking at its best.

So after you have eaten your weight in chocolate, crisps, cake, alcohol and then consumed a bit more chocolate, a few more crisps and more cake and more wine to wash it all down and, to top it all, you haven’t had your usual exercise regime.  Add to that late nights and early mornings, you can be left feeling a bit sluggish.  Is this any wonder?

You simply need to go back to your normal eating, exercise and sleeping pattern and your body will do the rest.

However, if you want to help your body, reducing the amount of toxins you consume may just give you the edge you need, things to look at reducing includes:

·         Alcohol

·         Coffee

·         Smoking

·         Processed food

·         High fat and sugar foods

Then try to increase:

·         Water

·         Fresh fruit and veg

·         Fibre

·         Exercise

Exercising not only helps you feel more energised, but will improves your circulation and increase elimination by natural means.

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