Express “Mini” Treatments

Do you offer mini treatments or lunch time treatments?

If the answer is no then you could be missing out on potential clients and income.

These days the ‘lunchtime’ doesn’t just span the conventional 12-2 time period. With shift work and hours to fit in with international trade it is important to remain flexible and move with demand.
There is so much pressure these days to stay on top of everything and to appear to have the perfect life, job and family. It can be difficult for your clients to find time for themselves.
By trimming your luxury treatments down you can still offer the superb treatments your clients want but with an ‘express’ treatment label. Clients will still see/feel the amazing but half the time.
Customising treatments to target a specific condition or area is a perfect way to create your mini treatment. For example:

• File and polish
• Speedy mani/pedi
• Eye facial treatments – Eyecial
• Neck treatments – neckcial
• Neck and shoulder massage
• Head massage
• Swift wax
• Reflexology target treatment
• Express massage

These don’t have to be ‘original’ treatments but you just put your unique spin on the treatment to suit your client base. You know your client base and your most popular treatments, look at these and create your personalized express mini treatments. Mini treatments don’t always have to be a lunchtime express but also an add-on treatment to your clients treatment package.

If a client is visiting during their lunch hour for a treatment you will need to take this into consideration that your client will need to look respectable when retuning to work, they do not want to leave your salon with dishevelled hair and a severe lack of make-up.

Always remember you still need to perform a thorough client consultation and some mini treatments would benefit from a full treatment first before prescribing a mini target treatment.

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