Facial Cleansing Brush

facial_brush_web2The Facial Cleansing Brush is an un-sung hero of facial treatments and homecare skincare routine.

How it works:

  • Put a small amount of your favourite cleanser on to the dampened bristles (you can use a foaming cleanser or milky cleanser).
  • In small circular motions gently cleanse your or your clients face and neck. You can get in to all the nooks and crannies of the face including around the nostrils and chin crease – areas that need special attention!
  • You do not need to press hard, in fact the gentler you are the better, because if you press to hard then the fine bristles will bend and the brush will not provide a deep cleanse. It is better to brush gentler for longer than to scrub quickly, remember the face has some of the most sensitive skin on your body – treat it with care (always avoid the eye areas).
  • The fine bristles of the brush will gently cleanse the pores and ‘flick’ out any debris, dirt, excess sebum and reduce blackheads.
  • Aids exfoliation too.
  • The result is a refreshed, brighter complexion and reduced breakouts or reduces the severity of the breakout.

This handy little brush will sit quietly on your treatment trolley, shelf in your shower or bathroom and will be ready to use when you want it. The batteries will never run out as there aren’t any!

Remember to wash the brush after using it. After all it has just deep cleansed your skin, so deep cleanse your brush!

Therapists – this is a great retail item too! Clients will wonder how they coped without one.

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