First Impressions

first impressions blog inside salonFrom the first encounter with your new client you are being judged. This is a subconscious process we all do, whether it is a new situation or familiar surroundings, we are constantly looking, feeling and forming opinions.

You are your business’ biggest asset so you need to create an excellent first impression and constantly work upon maintaining this. You are also your biggest advert, you need to reflect how serious you are about your business in yourself. If you are creating a calming environment for massage then you need to reflect this in your appearance. If you are a makeup artist then this can be displayed in your own makeup. A nail tech can show off their work on their own nails.

From the minute you pick up the phone to your perspective client you need to be polite, interested in what they are saying and helpful with their enquiry and concerns. You need to reassure them you can help them and you value their enquiry and custom.

When your new client comes for their appointment greet them by name, introduce yourself and direct them to where you would like them to go for their consultation and treatment.

From the minute they walk through your door, or you theirs, they are evaluating you, your salon, surrounding and equipment, it is so important to maintain your salon’s appearance as well as your own. We all have off days however you need to keep this hidden best you can. Keep your hair neat and tied back if long, make-up looking professionally done, nails short and neat and your uniform clean fresh and ironed. You also need to consider what you eat, no one wants to smell garlic breath during a facial! Your salon cannot have an off day either. You need to keep the salon clean, dust and clutter free, looking, sounding and smelling relaxing to the eyes, ears and nose. Warm and cosy on cold days, cool and refreshing on hot days. After all if you are unable to keep you and your salon looking well kept your clients are going to wonder about your ability to look after their treatments too.

It is good idea to sit or lay where your client will so you can see your salon from their perspective. You can then experience how your own couch and treatment area feels and adjust the area so your client has a sense of space and comfort. You might also spot that cobweb you didn’t see before!

For mobile therapists you need all the equipment and bags you are taking into your client’s home to be fresh, clean and in an excellent state of repair. It is always a good idea to carry a stock or spares and an endless supply of couch roll and clean towels in your car. Never be put off by the lack of space you will be presented with. There is a way to adapt to any situation. You need to be confident and comfortable in all surroundings.

Your client is not only paying for the treatment you provide but also your time, so for the duration of their treatment you need to make them feel they are your most important client and you are not in any hurry or clock watching. You need to listen to what they are saying and answer honestly and appropriately.

Whatever treatments you are providing your clients will be judging these too. During your consultation you will be able to evaluate their expectations and talk through what they are going to receive. After this you need to deliver on your promises based on their expectations. It is up to you to keep yourself up to date with techniques and industry news.

Most importantly be yourself, don’t put on an act or make false claims as this will undermine everything you have done and will do.

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