Gift Vouchers

giftDo you offer gift vouchers?

This is an excellent way to boost income and introduce new clients to your salon.

I find buying gifts so hard these days, everyone seems to have everything they need and gifts sometimes seem to be just for the sake to gifts and maybe not what the recipient really wants or needs.

Gift vouchers are perfect for existing clients to receive (the giver knows they want the treatment) or for clients to buy for their friends and family, thus introducing a new client to you.

You can advertise gift vouchers directly to your clients, on display at the reception area and on display around your salon or even as posters ‘Gift Ideas’. You can also promote these on social media and local papers as gift ideas, especially at gifting times of the year: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.

Spend some time creating a perfect gift voucher and voucher displays to best reflect and advertise your salon. It is a nice touch to have the vouchers in a presentation pack too. Some people will want to purchase a treatment so include some information about the treatment and of course how to book. Others will want to purchase a voucher with a cash value allowing the recipient choose their treatments to the value of £X so you will want to include your full treatment menu so they can decide what to spend their voucher on or put it towards a treatment package.

Should you put an expiry date on the voucher?
I would say yes, but make it a reasonable one up to 6-9months is acceptable. You need to allow plenty of time for the recipient to use the voucher but you don’t really want someone coming is 2 years later when the prices and treatments could have changed.

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