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boost takings blogRetail is an excellent way to boost income. There is a limited amount of treatments you can give in one day, however there is no limit to what you can retail.

As the seasons change so does your client’s treatment needs. Your client may not realise their needs have changed or what treatments you offer that will best suit their needs at this time of year. It is your job to keep your client up-to-date with what you offer to best suit their needs all year round.

Colder weather brings with it the need for extra warmth from central heating, fires, extra hot showers and baths and more time spent indoors where the humidity is lower. This lower humidity draws moisture out of the skin thus drying the skin out, resulting in the skin feeling dry, tight and over sensitive.

Skin can look dryer, flakier and dull. Not only should one increase water intake but also take preventative measures to stop moisture loss from the skins surface too. A richer moisturiser containing vitamins such as C, E and the B complex will help nourish and repair the skin to. The regular use of an exfoliator will slough off the dead, rough and dull skin cells and help moisturisers to be absorbed more effectively, after all there is no point is trying to moisturise dead skin. Most importantly protect the skin from the harsh changes of environment (hot to cold when going from inside to outside) wear gloves, a scarf and a hat to cover up your skin.

This is the perfect time to review your client’s skincare regime and her treatment menu. By gently educating your clients as to why her skin is dryer at this time of year and the products and treatments she may need to add to her regime will not only help your client but also help increase your sales revenue and boost your appointment book.

Most skincare lines offer samples and trial size products your client can try before they buy. This is an excellent way to introduce a new product and service to your client. If your client is unfamiliar with what you can offer why not offer treatment package at an introductory rate or a complimentary treatment using the new products you would like to introduce to your client’s regime. This also shows you are confident in your treatments and products. A client who is getting a complimentary or discounted treatment is more likely to make a purchase with the money she has saved on the treatment, especially when they feel the benefit and is more likely to rebook the ‘intensive’ treatment too at the usual price.

Remember to use these products on yourself too, that way you can speak from experience and your personal and expert knowledge will show making the products easier to sell and recommend.


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