The Five Senses – Hearing


From the minute your client walks into your salon and treatment room any sounds she hears need to sooth her hearing, promote tranquillity and a feeling of relaxation. It is unfortunate if your neighbour decides that very moment to have building works done, those sorts of sounds are difficult to avoid or disguise.

It is considered that the sounds of nature are the most relaxing, like the waves on the shore, soft rain, the wind rustling through the forest trees, trickling or running water and birds chirping and talking in a calm soft voice. These sounds, although constant, do not form a regular pattern. When we hear a regular pattern we tend to focus on the sound too much and this can then become distracting and even irritating; just like that dripping tap. Some sounds can even make a person angry and aggressive. We all tend to flinch at the sound of nails on a chalk board.

Some of the most hated sounds include: chewing, sniffing, snoring, mobile phone ring tones and the buzzing from a fly/bee/wasp and who, can I ask, is able to relax and sleep in a room with a mosquito?

I have several relaxation CD’s available for my client to choose from, this way she can make a decision on what will suit her mood that day. It is also worth remembering to: avoid chewing gum, put your phone on silent (or leave it outside the room), try not to sniff over your client when you have a cold and put a no entry sign up for flying critters!

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