How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

So, we are over the half way mark of January and some of us are finding it hard to keep to our New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of ditching them completely how about just giving them a little edit or alteration here and there? If you have set resolutions that are rather optimistic maybe adjust into bite size chunks to make them more achievable. Before you know it you will have achieved the goal you have set yourself!

These are our favourite essential New Year’s Resolutions that are keepers in our book….

• Clear out your cosmetic purse and draw and throw put any old make-up you don’t use and have no intension of using again. Take the lid off your cosmetics and creams if it doesn’t smell right or is discoloured it’s gone off and you won’t want to put stale cream around your eyes for example. And it just takes up valuable space for your the new.
• Clean your make-up brushes and sponges, each time you use your brushes and sponges they pick up dirt and bacteria that collects within the bristles and in the sponge, why would you want to put this on your face? Clean your applicators at least once a week.
• Try going natural with your hair and give it a day off from straighteners, tongs and product. You never know you may even like the natural look!
• Remember to cleanse and moisturise your skin before bed time, you skin will thank you!
• How about drinking some plain fresh water instead of tea and coffee all the time?
• Look at what you are snacking on… why not swap that biscuit or chocolate bar for a piece of fruit like an apple, orange, grapes or blueberries for example. Small everyday changes to your snacking can make big changes to your waistline.
• Set aside time to look after yourself. Do what you enjoy doing for once not what others want you to do.
• Use a sunscreen every day.
Let the resolutions continue!!


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