How’s your posture?

A good posture is essential for a long pain free career. A bad posture will not only take its toll on your body but also how you work.

Try to make changes to your working environment to help yourself as much as possible. This can be from having your tools at an easy accessible height and distance from you. Having a therapist’s chair that is fully adjustable in height and back rest. Your work station/table needs to be of a suitable height for yourself and it is vital you choose a couch that is the correct height and the legs can be adjusted in height to work on different treatments on a range of clients. For example when you are massaging a very slim client your couch will need to be higher than if you are massaging a larger client with a fuller figure. The range of body shapes can make your ‘work surface’ differ in 6inches. So to be able to alter the height of your couch in these circumstances is vital. Trying to massage a client that is on a couch that is too high for you will result in a poor treatment experience for your client.

Working at awkward angles and heights for yourself will result in lower and upper back pain, increased tension across the shoulders that will extend down the arms. Over time you will find the mild occasional pain will become daily and constant and effect your ability to work.

Above all remember to bend your knees and not your back and work at the correct level for you!

You don’t want to be in dire need of your own therapy!!

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