Importance Of A Good Client Consultation

How an excellent client consultation can make your wax treatment successful.

One of the main reasons that a wax treatment is not successful is the unrealistic expectations of the client.
As their therapist you need to be honest and informative with you client explain what her expectations should be rather then let her create her own unrealistic expectations which will only lead to disappointment and a client that doesn’t return. Inviting your client in at least 10 minutes before her appointment to fill out a client consultation and talk about her expectations of the treatment is essential. This should cover, but not exclusive: contraindications, pre wax advice, after wax advice, what she is expecting from the treatment, what the treatment is going to include and what it will be like.

Your client will have heard that a wax can last 4-6 weeks and friends will have said their wax lasts 8 weeks.
How long a wax lasts will depend upon the rate of growth for each individual client, how dark their hair is and how thickly their hair grows.
Most clients will not realize that each hair has its own growth cycle and each hair will slowly regrow during the 4-6weeks between treatment.
Some clients truly believe that they will be totally hair free for 4-6weeks.

It is important that your client comes to her appointment with hairs that are long enough to wax. I had a client come to me the day after shaving and not understand why I counldn’t wax her legs. This was after I said leave your legs 2 weeks without shaving before your wax. She did leave her legs 2 weeks without shaving, but then thought she should shave the day before because they looked unsightly and didn’t want me to see them.

The skin will be left red, sensitive and maybe looking like a plucked chicken, it is not a good idea to have a wax the day of a night out or special occasion!
Waxing can be painful and different people will have different tolerances, it is essential to discuss the element of pain and do a test patch prior to applying the wax to a large area, once on there is only one way of taking that wax off!

Your client could be nervous and have an element of fear of the unexpected, especially if she is new to waxing. She will be looking for reassurance from you and your expert knowledge to comfort her while she takes this step to become fuzz free!

Give you client thorough aftercare advice or a ‘read later’ sheet to take home, this will help her to understand how to care for her skin in the next 24-48 hours and aftercare advice until her next wax treatment and how to tackle those pesky ingrown hairs.

So in brief:
• Have a consultation with your client to establish her expectations and let her know gently if these are unrealistic.
• Give her true expectations of the treatment and be honest.
• A wax can last between 4-6 weeks, with the hairs slowly regrowing over this period.
• The darker the hairs are, the quicker they seem to appear.
• Hairs need to be at least 5mm long before waxing can be done, it will always take longer than your client thinks to grow this long when they shave every day, she will need to leave her hairs for at least 2 weeks before waxing.
• However bad your client thinks her hairy legs look, you have always seen worse!
• Have the wax treatment 2-3 days prior to a night out or special occasion, this allows time for the skin to settle and look super smooth.
• The first wax can be a bit of a shock when it comes to pain.


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