Helping to prevent ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are hairs that curl back on themselves and grow into the skin instead of growing up and out the follicle. These ingrown hairs can cause the surrounding skin to become inflamed, which can be quite painful and unsightly leaving the skin scarred and with pigmentation spots. Some ingrown hairs lay just under the skin surface, they do not seem to cause infections but it is very tempting to pick at them, this will cause redness and localised skin inflammation and can also lead to skin pigmentation and scarring.

Some people do seem to be more prone then others but, ingrown hairs are a nuisance and depending on where they occur can be painful and embarrassing.

Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body, but usually where the stronger hairs grow for example the legs, underarms, pubic areas, a man’s beard areas.  These are generally areas that hair is removed from or prone to constant friction for example: from underwear as in the bikini line.

It is essential to discuss the possibility of ingrown hairs with your client after her wax treatment and discuss a homecare regime to help prevent and reduce the risk of occurrence.

  • Don’t Pick – It is important your client does not pick at the ingrown hair – no matter how tempting this may be. Picking will only make matters worse and can lead to skin pigmentation and scaring. Instead exfoliating the area to gently free the hair and the use of an antiseptic to fight the infection is more beneficial.
  • Exfoliate – To prevent the ingrown hairs appearing advice your client to exfoliate two-three times a week so slough off the dead skin cells that can block the follicle and prevent the hair from growing correctly.  But remember straight after a wax the skin is very sensitive and exfoliation should not start for at least 4 days, but do moisturise with an un-perfumed moisturiser.
  • Moisturise – Keep the skin hydrated and moisturised, your client needs to be applying a daily body moisturiser, this will not only keep the skin in excellent condition and looking good but also keeps the skin soft and encourages the hairs to grow normally and not get trapped under the skin.
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