Is sunless tanning a good idea?

After a long winter of being couped up inside avoiding the rain and willing the sun to shine, you skin has gone from golden tanned to milky white. Before you strip off and sweat on the beach, by the pool or in your garden for hours soaking up the rays to get your tan back on track STOP! There is a safer and much quicker way to get your golden tan back. As we know exposure to the sun’s rays UVA and UVB can cause skin problems and skin cancer. This can be avoided or at least reduced by the use of fake tan.

Fake tan darkens the skin by a reaction between DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the ingredient in the spray tan, and the amino acids in the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. It is this reaction that creates the distinctive fake tan smell and the skin to darken.

Whether you use a spray tan or cream fake tan here is why you should use the tan out of the bottle rather than from the sun:

• Much safer alternative to sunbathing, with a fake tan you will achieve the tan you desire without the risk from the UV rays.
• Fake tan adds instant colour therefore it will disguise uneven pigmentation, hide blemishes, scars and even stretch marks and cellulite will appear less obvious.
• Because the fake tan give your skin a more even colour and disguises blemishes you will need to wear less make up.
• No awkward tan lines from badly placed straps.
• Most fake tans contain Aloe Vera, Pro vitamin B5 and or Vitamin E. These all have beneficial effects on the skin including: nourishing, hydrating, protection, moisturising – all these will help improve the appearance of the skin and help the battle with wrinkles and premature aging.
• It is said that when one has a tan you feel more confident and you get a mood boost. This can be because the tan helps to hide the imperfections (listed above) and therefore helps to make you feel better about your appearance.
• It is also said that people feel slimmer when tanned.
• Quick and easy, just exfoliate before your appointment with your fake tan and away you go – instant tan in about ½ an hour! Avoiding sweating on the beach for hours on end and you won’t even have to expose your lily white legs to the other sunbathers in the process. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can relax without damaging your skin. You can even top up your tan on the go too!
• Getting a fake tan can be fun too by hosting a spray tan party.

A couple of things to remember:

• The use of a nose filter is always recommended, these are available in our tanning packs. These not only help prevent breathing in the spray tan, but also prevents the spray from collecting on the nasal hair and creating tan spots on the top lip when breathed out.
• You will still need to apply a full spectrum sunscreen when you go outside, the fake tan is not a sunscreen.

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