Keep hydrated!

As the weather warms up and we perspire more we need to consume more fluid or we risk dehydrating.

If you feel thirsty or have a dry mouth you are already showing the signs of dehydration and need a drink and fast! Other warning signs that you need a drink include:

• Dry, sticky mouth.
• Feeling hungry – yes, sometimes the body confuses the feeling of thirst with hunger. SO if you are suddenly feeling hungry and desire savoury foods it could mean you are in fact thirsty.
• Dark wee – If you haven’t drunk enough your wee will be a dark yellow colour instead of a pale just tinted yellow. The body will preserve as much water as it can but it will still need to get rid of waste matter.
• Constipation – your body will want to hold onto as much fluid as possible, so will remove the moisture from your bowels and can leave you a bit bunged up!
• Headache – When your body is lacking water to function normally it will try to take water from anywhere it possibly can. Your body will actually take water from the brain, making the brain shrink slightly (this is also what happens to give you a hangover headache), making the brain contract away from the skull causing a headache. You will be relieved to know the shrinkage effect is temporary!
• Feeling lethargic – dehydration will create a feeling of sleepy lethargy, another way for the body to preserve water stocks.
• Confusion and irritability – even mild dehydration can be the cause of a bad mood and loss of concentration.
• Dry skin – over time dehydration will cause the skin to dry out due to a lack of moisture feeding it and being replaced after water is lost to the environment.

The best drink is always water and try to keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you travel.


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