Keeping your staff happy

happyThe Hair and Beauty industry are notorious for having some of the lowest paid jobs, relying on tips to boost income. If you are employing staff you need to be creative in keeping your staff happy so they don’t look elsewhere for employment and take their clients with them. Clients are not just loyal to a salon but the therapist too.

Staff, like clients, will leave if they believe that can get a better deal elsewhere. If they think the salon up the road will pay them more, give them more opportunites to grow and develop their skills, offer promotions or better bonus system they will talk with their feet and take clients with them. However don’t be afraid of a change of staff – sometimes this can be beneficial.

It is essential to make your staff feel like a valuable member of the team. Try to get them involved with the running of the business, ask their opinions about the salon decor, new treatments and new products available. Listen to their opinion and take action.

Staff meetings are essential to build upon a harmonious team. This is a good time to air any issues collectively and for you to take action. It is also worth taking the time to talk individually to each member of staff and ask them if they have any grievances with their work, work environment, how they are getting on with the other staff and their clients. It is important that they feel they can come to you with any problems they have and that you will take them seriously and help them. Staff meetings should be in your time i.e. the staff should be paid for their time. If meetings take place in staff time they could become resentful and not attend. Try to make each staff member feel like they belong and are part of your team. This is also a good time for you to discuss your expectations too.

Everyone wants to boost their income, you can do this by offering commissions on product and treatment sales. This will not only increase your income but that of your staff too. A lot of suppliers will offer bulk deal discounts on retail products as well as stock. If your salon is shifting more retail products and treatment products you will be more inclined to purchase in larger quantities and take advantage of the deals available.

Keeping your salon up to date with new technology and treatments will not only attract clients but also staff. Offering regular training will not only help keep your staff up to date but also enthusiastic about their work and the salon. Who pays for the training is always a tricky area. The new skills will benefit your salon, but then you could invest a lot in your staff and they could leave and take these skills you have invested in elsewhere. It is not unreasonable to have written into a contract that staff who have benefited from paid training need to stay in the employment of the salon for a set term after completion of the training.

Job security is always essential, an employment contract is advisable to set out the ground rules and give each member of staff job security and know what it expected of them and you as the employer. Make the contract a simple and jargon free as possible as this will reduce anxiety.

Reward your staff for their hard work and achievements. Even if these achievements are small they need to be celebrated and tailored for each members ability. Recognise the hard work they have put in and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

If you have happy staff you will have a happy salon, that staff and clients will enjoy coming to.

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