Nasal waxing

nasal_waxing_blogI’ve seen the pictures of the poor individual with wax coated swabs up each nostril and then having these swabs yanked out along with their nasal hair. It makes my eyes water at the thought. This must be such a painful and uncomfortable treatment, the tiniest spot on the side of the nose is shear agony. Ripping out the nasal hair – is not for the faint hearted!

In a world where we all want to be fuzz free, nasal hair can appear unattractive and there is now a desire to eradicate the unwanted tufts.

Things to be aware of prior to waxing the nostrils:

Nasal hairs filter the air and remove unwanted particles from invading the airways and body. If the hairs are removed you may be more prone to infection or allergies.

The hairs also balance the moisture in the air we breathe in.

Because the nose is super sensitive it is essential the temperature of the wax is suitable and tested prior to application.

The skin is so very delicate that it is essential that the nasal skin is in excellent condition and healthy, this is not the best treatment to have if you have a cold or an attack of nasal congestion.

Ingrown hairs can be really painful and very tricky to deal with up the nose.

Waxing is not recommended with a nose piercing.

The nose will be extra sensitive after waxing.




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