A new year brings new hope and ambitions.

new year mountain viewWe all sit there and say this year I am going to…..

It is not only a new year but also a new decade, a time to make those changes you have thought about for the past decade but the time has never been right or the change is too big. This is also an excellent time for reflection, a time to consider the past year and analyse what went well, what didn’t, what changes need to be made and re-evaluate last years’ resolutions and maybe set new goals.

Instead of making big New Year resolutions or goals, make them small and easy to manage or break your resolution into bite size chunks. That way you can tick off your small challenges and you have a sense of achievement and the drive to keep going towards the ultimate goal. If you set the bar too high then you could very well be put off before you even begin and before you know it is December again and you are wondering what happened to the past year!

Remind yourself regularly of your goal and enlist the help from others, this will help you to keep your focus and drive.

Don’t be afraid to change from the original plan. Sometimes what seems like an excellent idea in the beginning, when put into practice doesn’t actually work, therefore alterations or even a complete rethink may need to be made. This is not a fail, but a success that you have recognised and dealt with the situation positively.

If you can’t think of any New Year Resolutions how about a one word resolution?
For example:

Happen – Make things happen for yourself.
Do – Do the things you have dreamt of doing for the past year.
Time – Make time for yourself and time to do the things you want to do.
Love – Love life, yourself and the people around you.

Remember no resolution is too big or too small or silly. If it is something you really want to do and achieve just do it.

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