Plants in the workplace

Having plants and flowers in your salon is not only decorative but can have some amazing health benefits too. Us humans have a natural desire to be in contact with nature, sadly our modern lifestyle hinders this.

I must admit I do love seeing a bit of foliage to an otherwise bland and potential clinical space, but I don’t mean having the place look like a jungle. Plants require attention to keep them looking their best, if you have cut flowers these need checking over daily and outing the tired past their best blooms. No one wants to see dead plants and flowers, this is not a benefit at all.

Here are some surprising benefits to adding a bit of greenery to your salon:

Stress reduction – work places with plants appear calmer and more relaxing, we feel more comfortable and have a higher level of wellbeing. This in turn reduces stress and anxiety levels, this will have a positive effect upon your mental health. Apparently having plants around can help lower your blood pressure – who knew?

Increase in productivity – in areas that have plants there is an increase in productivity, this may be due to the plants ability to cleanse air removing dust and allergens and reducing carbon dioxide and oxygenating the air can all result in higher concentration levels and increased memory retention.

Reduce sick days – because staff are more relaxed in an environment with plants and the air quality is improved then less sick days are taken for minor illnesses.

Plants are welcoming – an area with plants feels more welcoming and inviting and attractive, A client who feels welcomed and is in an area that is easy on the eye is more likely to come again.

Noise reduction – apparently plants can absorb a small amount of the ambient noise which can be distracting and unpleasant to work in.

Finally my favourite:

Plants can help you look younger! Because the plants increase humidity they actually help prevent the skin drying out. Now that alone is worth the effort of putting plants in your salon.

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