Post Party Feet

Now the party season has come to an end and you have hit the January sales. Your feet have walked a marathon, been squeezed into some of the most uncomfortable shoes known to man, rubbed raw, your heels are sore and the balls of your feet feel like they are burning!
Now is the time to put your feet up, get your comfy old faithful shoes out and give your poor feet the looking after they need and deserve. After all they need to take you wherever you are going this year.
Here are our top tips on looking after your achy feet

  • Soaking your feet in cool water can actually be beneficial (although the thought of this in the winter sends a chill down my spine!). It wakes the feet up and reduces inflammation caused by ill fitting shoes and prolonged pressure on the balls of the feet when wearing high heels.
  • Lay down with your feet elevated, this helps with your circulation of your extremities. Standing for long periods of time can hinder the body’s effectiveness of getting the blood and lymph back to the heart. So raise your feet and let gravity take over.
  • Foot massage rollers, while watching the TV in the evening gently roll your feet over a foot roller. This will gently massage the feet and increase your circulation too.
  • If you need to stay on your feet try cushioning shoe inserts to support and protect the high pressure points on your feet.
  • Treat yourself to a pedicure, not only will you get a foot soak, your therapist will also reduce the build up of hard skin, trim your nails, you will receive the most relaxing foot massage and you will have the option of adding a splash of colour to your toes.

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