What to do during the quite times

January and February are notoriously quite months, Sometimes, I think they just appear quieter because of the manic December. Your clients want their treatments done and look good for Santa. You tend to work longer hours, go without lunch and even work Sundays just to fit everyone in. Then January comes and it’s back to normal, after the Christmas indulgence people are feeling poorer and a bit sluggish not really wanting to go to the salon.

So if you find yourself and your staff at a loose end what should you do?

Take stock: this is a perfect time to do a stock take, because of the chaos of last month stock control and strict stock rotation can go out the window. Now is the time to check what you have, what you need and look deep into those forgotten cupboards, that top shelf that stuff get put on and reunite yourself with what you have.

Order stock: like retail shops many suppliers also have great January deals you can snap up.

Spring clean: I realise it is still winter but you need to prepare for spring while you can. Your Christmas decs are down and the salon will look bare and tired. If you are quite now is the perfect time to refresh, revamp and change things around. Just by moving the salon furniture about will make the salon feel very different and will spark interest from clients.

New products and treatments: this is also a good a good time to research what’s new and maybe introduce new products and/or treatments into your salon. You need to keep up to date with the latest trends of you may find yourself and your salon being left behind.

Get staff involved: no one likes to see staff without a job, there is no reason why your staff can not help with stock taking, after all they are the ones that are using the stock and know how much they are using. It is also a nice touch to ask their opinion on how they would like the treatment rooms laid out and if they would like to make any changes. It is easy for the manager or salon owner to instigate a layout that looks nice but is a really awkward space to work in. Everyone works slightly differently and if a member of staff is made to work in a space that is not comfortable for them, this can affect their productivity and work efficiency. Asking your staff will also help them to feel valued and part of the inner workings of the salon.

Staff training: during the quite times is also a great opportunity for staff to do those short training courses they have been eyeing up all year, but make sure these are booked in advance!

Staff incentives: Ask your staff to get creative and increase their own appointment column, they know their clients wants and needs. Get your staff to suggest and put together treatment packages to offer their clients. In exchange for increasing their own column you can offer them extra bonus’ and/or a prize for the therapist who has the most packages booked through January and February.

Staff treatments: during the down times it is nice to reward your staff with treatments too. They too need time to relax and unwind, so why not treat them too! It is also good for them to experience regular treatments from each other to be able to give feedback and to be able to recommend and sell a variety of treatments to their clients.

When things pick up again you’ll be fully ready!

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