Sand Walking

We have all heard of Moon Walking but what about Sand Walking? And does walking on the sand really benefit the feet?

There is something nice about being by the sea, hearing the waves upon the shore and sinking your toes into the sand. Not only is this really relaxing but really good for you too!

As well as the sand giving your feet a gentle exfoliation and massage with every step, but walking barefoot on the sand will actually help strengthen the arches of your feet along with the calf and upper leg muscles and your bottom!

Waking on sand will also burn more calories so it really is a win, win pass time.

So why is this? I hear you cry….

Because the sand is soft to walk on your muscles use more energy when walking and the action of walking on the soft sandy surface will help to strengthen your muscles too. The dryer the sand the harder your muscles will need to work. The harder your muscles work the more toned they become. Because sand walking uses more energy, it is said up to 50% more calories are burnt, your muscles will tire more quickly so do start with shorter walks and build up to longer ones.

The tiny particles of sand will gently massage the feet and stimulate all those nerve endings. This can feel incredibly relaxing for tired feet.

These sand particles also exfoliate the feet as you walk leaving your skin soft and tingly.

However if you have a lot of hard skin on your heels you may need a pedicure first to reap the benefits from the sand and you may want to rethink if you suffer with very cracked or bleeding heels.

Do make sure it is soft and clean sandy beach you are walking on without a lot of debris, the feet are easily cut on glass, rubbish, sharp rocks and shells.

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