The Five Senses – Sight


In the words of Andy Warhol ‘There is beauty in everything just not everybody sees it’.

Sometimes you need to stop and look to see the hidden to be able appreciate the beauty in all things.

However, if you are trying to make a good first impression to the clients entering your salon you need the environment to be immediately restful on the eye, devoid of clutter and to be clean and fresh. Low relaxing lighting also helps to induce relaxation. You do not want to force the client to have to see beyond the dirt, clutter and your previous client’s used towels piling up in the corner, to be able to see the beauty of your treatment room and salon. This will put your client on edge from the moment they walk through your door.

Colour plays an important part of relaxation. Some colours like white create the feeling of cleanliness, green is restful on the eye while orange can stimulate and red can be a very aggressive colour.

When I had my salon I would sit in the hair styling chair or lay on my couch as if I was the client just to see things from their prospective; the cobweb in the corner of the ceiling, the dust building up on the skirting boards, the scuff marks on the wall where other client have rested their feet while having their hair done, what was in the mirror behind them. All these things that go un-noticed by a busy therapist or stylist.

It is so important to just take a moment to look around you, you may just be surprised by what you see, beautiful or not!

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