Sleep Is For Wimps. Really?

sleeping_woman_webThe Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

We all feel better after a good night’s sleep, we feel recharged, refreshed and able to cope the day’s activities and challenges.

A bad night’s sleep can leave you fuzzy, unable to concentrate and short tempered to name but a few.

We’ve all heard and used the expressions:

‘It’ll all seem better in the morning’, ‘sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning’ and ‘you’ll feel better in the morning’

Not that sleep is a miracle cure, but there are many conditions that are made worse by a lack of sleep.

These are our favourite reasons why we should all try and get our 8 hour quota of sleep.

  1. Happiness – Having a bad night’s sleep or a string of bad nights can affect our ability to cope with the day, this results in a major bad mood, being short tempered, becoming irritated more easily by the small things, becoming over sensitive and tearful as well as snappy.
  2. Less pain (yes really!) – Fatigue leads to being more pain sensitive, thus a lower pain threshold and less able to cope with pain.  However, suffering from pain can make it harder to sleep.
  3. Increase your ability to learn – Just like it is important for a child to get a early night on a school night adults too need a good night’s sleep to be able to focus and absorb the information around us.  Just because we are not in a classroom doesn’t mean we are not learning every day.
  4. Better memory – While we sleep our brain processes the day’s activities and information. Filing these new memories into our brains filing system.  If we are sleep deprived we cannot process and file this new information and we will simply forget it or have difficulties in remembering it correctly.
  5. Better concentration – It’s hard to concentrate and focus when we are tired, we become easily distracted and confused.  This will affect your personal life as well as your work life.  A simple conversation will become a challenge and sometimes lead to questioning yourself with ‘what was I saying?’
  6. Better decision making – Linked to no.5, if we can concentrate we can process complicated details to make a better well informed decision.  This could be switching utility company or new purchase or whether to say YES or NO!
  7. Better Health – A Lack of sleep can lower your immune system leaving you more susceptible to catching the common cold.  Continuous lack of sleep can lead to the worsening to your ongoing health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
  8. Safer Driver – Driving tired is just as bad and drink driving.  Vision, concentration, judgement and co-ordination are all impaired and accidents are more likely to happen. Like the sign says ‘Tiredness kills – take a break!’  Tiredness can also make your speech slurred, slow and make you a bit repetitive – just like someone who is drunk!
  9. Keeps you fit – A lack of sleep can stimulate the appetite, so if you’re starting a new diet make sure you get your 8 hours!  During the night’s sleep the body will be very busy using this time for growth and repair.  Continuous poor sleep patterns can actually lead to muscle wastage.  This is another good reason to have an early night, you will then have the energy to do a little keep fit and cook yourself a proper meal to stop those ‘bad food’ cravings brought on by fatigue
  10. Improve your skin – Chronic skin conditions can be worsened by a poor sleep pattern.  A good sleep pattern can actually reduce the signs of skin aging


Well that’s convinced me…. I’m off to bed….


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