Spray Tanning Supplies

We offer a comprehensive range of tanning disposables that are essential for every spray tan treatment. All these products are available in their pack size and in bulk deals.

This includes:

Sticky feet: available in both pink and black. These stick onto your clients feet before the treatment commences and worn for the duration. These will prevent your client picking up the tan on the soles of her feet. A build-up of spray tan in any one area, especially the feet where the skin is harder and thicker, will result in that tell tale orange look! The over spray can make the floor slippery these will also help prevent your client slipping over.

Disposable G-String: to protect your client modesty during her treatment and also prevent her own underwear being discoloured by the tanning solution.

Mob Caps: to protect your clients hair and keep it out of the way during the spray tan treatment. Even the small wispy hairs can cause a barrier and stop the tan reaching the skin causing white patches.

Disposable Headbands: when a mobcap is not suitable or not enough to keep your clients hair under control, then these headbands are an excellent alternative to keep those stray hairs off the face and neck.

Spray Tan Disposable Pack: everything your client needs for their spray tan treatment kept together in one handy pack.
Each pack contains:
• 1 x mob cap
• 1 x g-string
• 1 x pair of non-slip foam sticky feet
• 1 x nose filter

For the therapist we have:

Disposable Face Masks: for the hygiene conscience these single use masks are 2ply with loops to secure over the ears and come in packs of 100.

Disposable Aprons: ideal for protecting clothes from spills, splashes and spotting during spray tanning treatments. They have a halter neck and waist ties. They are easy to put on and remove after use. They are supplied in a convenient flat dispenser pack, which allow easy, non-stick removal of each apron.

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