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Mask removal sponges

Our round yellow sponges are essential for facial treatments for the removal of, not only, masks but other facial preparations like cleansers and scrubs. They are soft, gentle, absorbent and super effective at removing even the most stubborn clay based masks, the richest of cleansers and the thickest of make-ups. These sponges are also perfect […]

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Why use a fan brush?

Why use a fan brush to apply your face masks? Using a fan brush to apply face masks will not only ensure an even application but you will also use less product. This will make your treatments more cost effective and feel more professional for your client to receive rather than applying the mask with […]

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Express “Mini” Treatments

Do you offer mini treatments or lunch time treatments? If the answer is no then you could be missing out on potential clients and income. These days the ‘lunchtime’ doesn’t just span the conventional 12-2 time period. With shift work and hours to fit in with international trade it is important to remain flexible and […]

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