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Do you suffer with cold feet?

As soon as the temperature drops outside my feet become like blocks of ice and I instantly reach for my thickest cosiest socks to wear in bed. However, during the day thick socks is not always practical and sometimes a level of smart dress code needs to be adhered to. There comes a time when […]

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Sand Walking

We have all heard of Moon Walking but what about Sand Walking? And does walking on the sand really benefit the feet? There is something nice about being by the sea, hearing the waves upon the shore and sinking your toes into the sand. Not only is this really relaxing but really good for you […]

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Post Party Feet

Now the party season has come to an end and you have hit the January sales. Your feet have walked a marathon, been squeezed into some of the most uncomfortable shoes known to man, rubbed raw, your heels are sore and the balls of your feet feel like they are burning! Now is the time […]

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Paraffin Wax

We stock the Lauren E range of paraffin wax, these low melt pellet waxes come in scented Peach and Tea Tree and unscented White, essential for luxury manicure and pedicure treatments and heat therapy. To compliment these waxes we also offer paraffin liners, mitts, booties and application brushes. Paraffin wax treatments help condition the skin […]

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