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Chapped hands

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, the air lacks moisture. The moisture in the skin evaporates. This is compounded by the use of air conditioning and heating systems in all buildings and cars. We go from one extreme environment straight into another. Our hands have to cope with a lot and are […]

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Look after yourself

Your hands are essential for work. You take them for granted and assume that your hands will not let you down. Performing treatments is physically demanding on your entire body. You need a lot of strength in your hands, arms and upper body, as well as good posture. The constant pressure you put on your […]

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Paraffin Wax

We stock the Lauren E range of paraffin wax, these low melt pellet waxes come in scented Peach and Tea Tree and unscented White, essential for luxury manicure and pedicure treatments and heat therapy. To compliment these waxes we also offer paraffin liners, mitts, booties and application brushes. Paraffin wax treatments help condition the skin […]

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