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Which buffer to use?

We stock several buffers and it is down to personal preference which one you prefer to use. We have 2 different buffing files and a chamois buffer. The buffing files are excellent to use in the salon and make a brilliant retail item. 3-way Buffing File – this is about the size of a cushion […]

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Which file?

We stock a wide range of nail files of various grits and types. But what one to choose? Let’s start with the grit: Most files are dual sided (that means there is grit on both sides) and the grit value will be numbered, for example 100/180. The numbers indicate the amount of grit particles on […]

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The Benefits of Manicures

I always think my very short nails look instantly longer after a manicure, I know this is just an illusion and it due to the cuticles being tidied and the nails being a more regular and uniform shape, but never the less the nails do look longer and so much better. Not only does a […]

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