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Mask removal sponges

Our round yellow sponges are essential for facial treatments for the removal of, not only, masks but other facial preparations like cleansers and scrubs. They are soft, gentle, absorbent and super effective at removing even the most stubborn clay based masks, the richest of cleansers and the thickest of make-ups. These sponges are also perfect […]

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage has been used by many cultures for healing and muscle pain over man’s long history. Evidence of stones being used in massage can be attributed to Native Americans, Chinese, Egyptians and Ayurvedic cultures. Originally warmed by fire, the stones are now heated in a specific thermostatically controlled hot stone water bath heater […]

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Baby Massage

All parents can learn baby massage, it is a wonderful and useful technique to use for bonding with your new baby and child as well as promoting well being and reassurance for the baby to settle. It is always best to enjoy baby massage when baby is awake and you are settled, it is advisable […]

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage forms part of the Ayurvedic form of relaxation and healing. Ayurvedia, ‘the science of life’, is a traditional healing method dating back almost 4000 years. Indian head massage has been practiced in India for over 3000 years. Massage in India is a family tradition promoting relaxation and healing. Babies are massaged daily […]

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