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Card Sticky Feet

Why do I need to give my client a pair of sticky feet for her spray tan treatment? As you spray tan your client, a little bit of the spray will settle on the floor around where she is standing. The skin on the feet is thicker and dryer then other part of the body, […]

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Spray Tanning Supplies

We offer a comprehensive range of tanning disposables that are essential for every spray tan treatment. All these products are available in their pack size and in bulk deals. This includes: Sticky feet: available in both pink and black. These stick onto your clients feet before the treatment commences and worn for the duration. These […]

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The holiday season is upon us and every day is a party! Everyone wants to be looking their best, spray tan is a perfect way to achieve the tanned look you want without the risk of over doing the sun exposure. During the winter months it is the only way to have that beautiful sun […]

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