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Nasal waxing

I’ve seen the pictures of the poor individual with wax coated swabs up each nostril and then having these swabs yanked out along with their nasal hair. It makes my eyes water at the thought. This must be such a painful and uncomfortable treatment, the tiniest spot on the side of the nose is shear […]

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Do you double dip?

What’s the fuss about double dipping? If you have cleansed your client’s skin thoroughly prior to starting the wax treatment and examined your client’s skin for any contraindicated skin conditions, what’s the issue of using the same spatula for the length of her treatment? The wax is being removed from her skin anyway, it’s not […]

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Express “Mini” Treatments

Do you offer mini treatments or lunch time treatments? If the answer is no then you could be missing out on potential clients and income. These days the ‘lunchtime’ doesn’t just span the conventional 12-2 time period. With shift work and hours to fit in with international trade it is important to remain flexible and […]

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Hot Wax or Warm Wax?

Hot Wax or Warm Wax? What’s it to be? Hot wax and warm wax both have their unique benefits and are more suitable for different hair types and areas. It is important to be well practiced in both techniques and offer both in the salon. So which wax is best? Here is our Hot Wax […]

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Waxing Supplies

We stock a wide selection of wax and waxing essentials including the LaurenE range of warm waxes, this wax has been specifically formulated to be applied thinly to the skin increasing the number of applications per jar, making it extremely economical to use. The range includes warm wax, cream wax and tea tree cream wax. […]

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