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Plants in the workplace

Having plants and flowers in your salon is not only decorative but can have some amazing health benefits too. Us humans have a natural desire to be in contact with nature, sadly our modern lifestyle hinders this. I must admit I do love seeing a bit of foliage to an otherwise bland and potential clinical […]

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Look after yourself

Your hands are essential for work. You take them for granted and assume that your hands will not let you down. Performing treatments is physically demanding on your entire body. You need a lot of strength in your hands, arms and upper body, as well as good posture. The constant pressure you put on your […]

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Baby Massage

All parents can learn baby massage, it is a wonderful and useful technique to use for bonding with your new baby and child as well as promoting well being and reassurance for the baby to settle. It is always best to enjoy baby massage when baby is awake and you are settled, it is advisable […]

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