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Plants in the workplace

Having plants and flowers in your salon is not only decorative but can have some amazing health benefits too. Us humans have a natural desire to be in contact with nature, sadly our modern lifestyle hinders this. I must admit I do love seeing a bit of foliage to an otherwise bland and potential clinical […]

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Keeping your staff happy

The Hair and Beauty industry are notorious for having some of the lowest paid jobs, relying on tips to boost income. If you are employing staff you need to be creative in keeping your staff happy so they don’t look elsewhere for employment and take their clients with them. Clients are not just loyal to […]

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First Impressions

From the first encounter with your new client you are being judged. This is a subconscious process we all do, whether it is a new situation or familiar surroundings, we are constantly looking, feeling and forming opinions. You are your business’ biggest asset so you need to create an excellent first impression and constantly work […]

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