The Benefits of a Paraffin Wax Treatment

We stock plain, peach scented and tea tree paraffin wax pellets. They are a low melt wax and a fantastic addition to your manicure and pedicure treatment menu. Paraffin wax treatments have been around for decades, starting off as a medical and physiotherapy treatment and then becoming a popular treatment in salons.
The benefits of a paraffin wax treatment.
• Helps to soften and smooth the dry, rough and sometimes cracked skin that can occur on the hands and feet and will leave the skin visibly smoother, softer and silkier.
• The warmth of the paraffin wax helps to soothe aching joints by improving circulation, relaxing the muscles and reducing joint stiffness thus reducing pain.
• Aids the absorption of the moisturising creams that is massaged into the hands and feet prior to the paraffin wax treatment. It is thought that the heat opens the pores and therefore allows the absorption of the moisturising creams.
• Paraffin is also an emollient so the wax will increase moisture absorption and will leave a protective barrier on the skin to help the skin retain its own natural oils.
• Some paraffin wax will contain essential oils (we stock peach and tea tree), these will also enhance the benefits of the treatment by adding their own qualities to the wax.
• As well as the cosmetic uses a regular paraffin wax treatment has been used with great success to treat arthritic conditions and many more.
To compliment the paraffin wax we also stock paraffin liner bags and Mitts and Booties for use during your manicure and pedicure treatments.

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