The Benefits of Manicures

I always think my very short nails look instantly longer after a manicure, I know this is just an illusion and it due to the cuticles being tidied and the nails being a more regular and uniform shape, but never the less the nails do look longer and so much better.

Not only does a regular manicure help keep your hands looking more youthful and tidy, it is also an incredibly relaxing treatment.

Nails need to filed with nice even stokes in one direction (not sawing) with a clean file for each client, to prevent cross contamination, badly files nails will split, brake and flake and prevent your finished polish lasting.

During most manicures the hands and lower arms are massaged, this not only improves the blood circulation but also joint mobility. Massaging aids desquamation (exfoliation) which helps to improve the texture and look of the skin. By massaging the base of the nail – the matrix area will help to stimulate the growth of the nail. This in turn will help the nails grow stronger.

Out of control cuticle are pushed back and excess cuticle is trimmed, this helps improve the health of your nails and skin around your nails. Cuticles are vital to the health of your nails and do create a protective barrier between your nail plate and your finger keeping out dirt, bacteria and fungus. However cuticles can sometimes grow too far up the nail, making the nails look unsightly and the client very self conscious.

A good manicurist will safely remove your hangnails, these are the dry spiky bits around the nail that are so very tempting to pick at and make the skin around your nail red and inflamed once you have picked at them. By nipping off a hangnail will remove the temptation of picking!!

For an intensive or luxury manicure a paraffin wax treatment is a wonderful addition, this really helps to condition the hands and leaves them visibly softer.

Your nail varnish application will last longer after a manicure, this is because the nails are clean, well shaped and properly prepped for the nail varnish.

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