The Butterfly Supplies Face Cradle Cover Journey

face-cradle-cover_96dpiAbout 20 years ago I did an excellent On-Site Massage course. This was before it became as popular and as acceptable as it is today.

Back then, when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the on-site chairs were really hard to get in the UK, so my friend and I imported a couple from America and set about promoting our new business venture together. It was really hard to convince business owners that they needed us to come into the work place and offer their staff massage treatments, but eventually we got our foot in the door.

I soon found that the on-site massage chairs are not only good for taking into the work place, but also essential for clients who are unable to lay on their front, for example during pregnancy, after abdominal or breast surgery etc… I was using my chair for several regular clients (and this was not in the work place) every week.

I spent a lot of time making my own washable covers for the padded areas of my new massage chair and during the fast turnaround of clients, in the work place, I used a variety of different disposable covering on the face cradle to protect it from make-up smudges, sweat and the worse – dribble! Pieces of tissue and couch roll stuck to the clients face in an embarrassing manner whenever the client lifted their face off the cradle or the tissue would turn to pulp where they dribbled on it. Overlays slipped about, I could never punch a suitable hole in a mobcap and these didn’t protect the inner edges of my face cradle, I did find some other face cradle covers that were elasticated around the entire perimeter, these seemed to pinch the bridge of the client’s nose and were uncomfortable. I just couldn’t find anything that suited the hygienic and comfortable way I wanted to work.

What I wanted was a disposable cover made in the same way that I had made my own fabric face cradle, all those years ago. I wanted a cover that would stay in place during the entire massage treatment, wasn’t going to stick to the clients face, wasn’t going to tickle their nose during their treatment and would protect my entire face cradle, not just the top surface but also the inside edge and the outer edge. I got in touch with a non-woven manufacturer, explained this design to him and he came up with the disposable face cradle covers we have today. Sizing the covers was a tricky process. I have two face cradles, one on my massage chair and one as an attachment on my couch. They are both very different in size and padding; so I wanted something that would fit my largest cradle but, didn’t look to big and loose on the smaller cradle. After all everyone was going to have a slightly different face cradles on their couch. I became face cradle obsessed and I found as many different face cradles as I could find and try the covers on as many cradles as possible. Obviously, our face cradle covers will fit most crescent shaped face cradles – there will be a few I didn’t find to try them on or a new designer has tried something ‘different’ and been a bit radical.

We have each disposable face cradle cover individually wrapped and then packaged them packs of 5. I felt it was important to have each cover wrapped, that way the therapist can demonstrate to their next client that they are getting a fresh cover to use and the client is not going to be putting their face on someone else’s stale sweat, make-up and dribble.

Since then I have found others that have very similar face cradle covers to ours, but as far as I know ours are the only ones that come individually wrapped for client confidence.

We can also offer these to distributors too.

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