The Five Senses – Smell

Our 5 senses include:


When giving a treatment it is important to stimulate, use or calm all 5 of your clients senses from the moment your client arrives to the second they leave.

This week we are focusing on smell.

Did you know that smells can trigger the memory to remember events that are long forgotten? Just by remembering a particular smell can stimulate the brain into actually smelling it. Memories from the olfactory system are stored in a different portion of the brain to the memories of the auditory and touch department.

Think about your favourite smell. One, that when smelt, makes you smile or brings comfort to you. This can be freshly mown grass, fresh baked bread or cakes, coffee, the sea breeze, your mum’s perfume, fresh rain after a long dry spell, your favourite food or even detergents (that nice clean smell). Now close your eyes, can you smell it? If you let yourself drift off with your ‘smell memory’ it can bring a certain sense of wellbeing.

This makes it all the more important to make sure your salon has a nice comforting natural smell about it and not smelling of a dirty bin, trainers or dog. Room fragrancers can be useful but they can be very artificial and a bit too headache inducing. Clean fresh laundry is a must to reassure the client of hygienic practices, towels that smell of your last client’s perfume or aftershave is a definite no no!

Your client will relax much quicker in a clean smelling environment.

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