The Pros and Cons of going self-employed

So you have worked for someone else in the salon for many years and you are now contemplating going it alone.
I have worked in a salon and managed salons. I have worked from a home based salon and worked freelance. All come with benefits and compromises.
There is a lot to think about so we have come up with a list of pros and cons for you to look at.

The benefits of being self employed:
• In control of the hours/days you want work.
• Make your own decisions about your business.
• Take your business down the path you want.
• Offer the treatments you want to.
• Choose the career avenue you wish to pursue.
• Set your own prices

The cons:
• You will need to build your own client base and advertise yourself.
• There is no guaranteed income.
• There is no sick pay or holiday pay or work place pension plan.
• You will need to do your own book keeping.
• You have to purchase your own stock and equipment.
• You may not get the tips you are used to.
Now you have decided to go it alone, should you have a home based salon or go mobile or rent a room?

Home based salon:

• No room to rent
• No travel expenses or parking issues
• No shows and last minute cancellations are less of an issue because you are at home.
• Fit more clients in your working day as opposed to mobile.
• Need a dedicated room.
• If you are running late you will need an area in your home for your next client to wait.
• Parking for your client at your house.
• You may need to abide by local by-laws associated with working from home.
• Increase of laundry and cleaning.


• No overheads (except car)
• Target the areas you want to work in.
• Reduced no shows and late appointments.
• Varied work.
• Providing treatments for those who would not be able to visit the salon.
• Encourage ‘pamper parties’ is get more clients in one place an increase your income.

• You will need to carry your equipment around with you.
• Need a reliable car.
• Travel expenses and travel time.
• You will need to be very organised and ready to adapt to changes in work areas and environment.
• Keep tabs on where your clients live so you can book clients located together
• Set a travel radius.
• You will need to take into consideration set up and pack up time as well as travel time when booking appointments, so you may not be able to fit as many clients into your working day.
• Road conditions and other eventualities can make you late, therefore you need to keep in contact with your clients.

Rent a room:

• Equipment could be provided in the room (depending on the agreement).
• Client base could be ready for you.
• You will still have work colleagues for support.
• You can fit more clients in because you are in one place.

• Working hours might not be so flexible, you could be governed by the salon opening hours.
• Room will need to be paid for whether you are there or not.

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