Time for change

time for changeIf we are don’t change and evolve by keeping up to date with the latest industry news and changes then very quickly we will find ourselves out of date and in need of a serious boost. It is far easier and less daunting to keep up then it is to catch up after falling behind.

There are so many things you need to stay up to date with, knowledge, new treatments, industry news, new trends, the list goes on and can change over night! Don’t be afraid of change or trying something new. Embrace the challenge and shout about what’s new with you! Be the first salon to offer a new treatment or service, be the trend setter that everyone copies. After all you don’t want to get set in your ways and let your treatment menu go stale. Listen to what’s new and what your clients want. This in turn will keep your clients coming back and attract new ones.

We have to constantly evolve to be successful. It is the ones who adapt the most who survive the longest. Keeping up to date with the latest changes and keeping your clients informed takes time and commitment but it is essential to keep ahead of the game to.

So how can you keep up with your industry trends?

Trade magazines – as well as consumer magazines and news papers – you need the intel from both sides, what your industry can offer and what the latest consumer demands are.

Social media – such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc – each generation will use social media differently so it is a good idea to use all the popular ones to keep your clients informed about what you are offering and any news you need them to know, as well as direct marketing and in salon displays.

Courses – quite often your product company will provide short training courses for the latest treatment trends or product launch courses and seminars. These are an excellent way to keep abreast of new knowledge. These courses are often only a day or two long or just an evening so they won’t get in the way of work to much.

Forums and discussion boards – these are buzzing with talk on all industries, you will need to filter for what you are looking for, but there are loads directed at the hair and beauty industry for the professional and consumer.

Blogs – from your suppliers and co-workers can be extremely useful in picking tips and upcoming trends.

Keep an eye on the competition – if the salon next door has the latest wow treatment it may be worth investigating this for yourself.

Listen – to what your clients want and at different times of the year. Being current will help keep you on trend with your client’s needs.

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