The Five Senses – Touch


This is the first of our five senses to develop and is essential from birth for us to develop mentally and socially to connect with others. We all need physical human contact and a lack of physical contact can have detrimental effect both emotionally and physically.

The sense of touch is a powerful thing. If you are hurt or distressed, being touched by someone brings about a calming feeling and can actually alleviate pain and discomfort. If your child or best friend is hurt or crying you will automatically scoop them into your arms to comfort them. You can even communicate feelings via touch. With this in mind, before you commence your treatments try and leave any negativity you may have at the door or this can be transferred to your client.

No matter what treatment you are giving, from massage to waxing, your hands need to feel confident when they touch the client and able to exert the correct pressure required for the area and treatment. During the treatment do ask your client if the pressure you are using is suitable for them, this is important to maximise the benefits.

You have soothed your clients other four senses you alone are responsible for the touch part of the therapy.

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