What is reflexology?

This is a treatment that is said to date back to over 4000 year to Ancient Egypt. Reflexology is a treatment predominantly performed on the feet and can be used on the hands with great effect too. It is a rebalancing treatment that helps to bring equilibrium to the entire body. The theory is that the whole body is reflected and mapped in the feet. Every part of the body is represented in the feet and the corresponding reflex points have been carefully mapped. By working these reflex points, using a specialised massage technique, on the feet or hands you can help restore balance to the body’s system and functioning.
In just one foot and ankle you have 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments and over 7000 nerves. Is it any wonder the feet get tired from time to time? If your feet feel sore and tired this can make you feel fairly miserable too. So not only does reflexology intensely treat the feet but also the entire body.
Benefits of reflexology:
1. Reflexology treats the body as a whole.
2. The client doesn’t have to get undressed to receive this treatment, they only need to remove their shoes and socks.
3. Reduces stress, creates a state of relaxation and promotes healing.
4. Not only is reflexology excellent for relaxation and helping to improve sleep, but also helps you to feel more energised.
5. Can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.
6. Great treatment for those with mobility problems as it is not essential to use a treatment couch, the treatment can be received seated.
7. It is thought that the feet have the highest concentration of nerve endings so it isn’t any wonder that the feet are so sensitive to treatments.
8. Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
9. If nothing else the feet will feel fantastic and like walking on air after a treatment.
10. Not only is reflexology an incredible treatment to receive, but also a wonderful treatment to give.
11. Suitable for clients of all ages.
Reflexology has so many benefits the list is endless!

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