Which buffer to use?

3 nail buffers manicure toolsWe stock several buffers and it is down to personal preference which one you prefer to use.
We have 2 different buffing files and a chamois buffer.

The buffing files are excellent to use in the salon and make a brilliant retail item.
3-way Buffing File – this is about the size of a cushion file with 3 grades of abrasion
3-way Jumbo Buffing file – again has 3 grades of abrasion, however the file is wider for ease of holding.

How to get the best results with a buffing file:

• Use the roughest grade to smooth out any rough edges, scratches on the nails and the worst longitudinal ridges. It is important to buff in one direction, a sawing motion can be uncomfortable and cause bruising.
• Next use the middle grade, use a slight pressure, to start the buffing and begin shining the nails.
• Finish with the finest graded side to achieve a high gloss finish.
• To main the high gloss finish just go over the nails every couple of days, then as the nail grows repeat the whole process every 3 or 4 weeks as necessary.

The chamois buffer:

• This is a professional buffer with a handle, for best results this buffer should be used with a buffing paste.
• Again it is always best to buff in one direction and not use a sawing motion as this will cause discomfort, damage and bruising to the nails.
• The chamois buffer can take longer to achieve high gloss results.
• Wipe off any excess buffing paste with cotton wool to reveal your buffed nails.
• This can be repeated without paste to maintain the gloss every couple of days and then every 3-4 weeks as necessary with the buffing paste.

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